Aluminum monophosphate solution

Aluminum monophosphate solution

Product Name: Aluminum monophosphate solution
CAS No.: 13530-50-2
Formula: Al(H2PO4)3
Molecular weight:317.94
Appearance: white powder

1. Aluminium dihydrogen phosphate is a type of colorless and odorless but extremely sticky liquid or white powder, freely soluble in water and appear as Translucent or milky white colloid.

2.  Solidifiable at normal room temperature.After mixed with refractory aggregate or hardener,in 90-110 °C ,Homoiothermy 4-24 hours ,can equipped high adhesive strength. If drying in 350-500 °C , will own the ability of high compressive resistance, hydrostable and bending resistance, even in soak or boil will never feeble.

3. Strong binding force in liquid or solid states and good resistance to peeling, high temperature, vibration and hi-temp air stream.

4.  Good infrared absorbability and insulativity. 

1, Mainly used in electrical industry, high temperature furnace, heat treatment resistance furnace and electric insulation. Also used in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding and space technology, etc. Also can be used as inorganic coating and organic coating.

2, Mainly used as binder and curing agent in the production of hi-temp refractory materials for kiln.

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