Aluminum nitrate solution

Aluminum nitrate solution

Product Name: Aluminum nitrate solution
CAS No.: 7784-27-2
Formula: AlH18N3O18
Molecular weight: 375.13
Appearance: Colorless or white deliquescent monoclinic crystal.

Physicochemical Properties:
Colorless crystal, easy to deliquesce. Melting Point:37.5, decompose at 150. Easily dissolve in water and alcohol, does not dissolve in ethyl acetate. Solution assumes acidity, has strong oxidizability. Be on fire contacting with tinder, burn and explode heating with organic matter. Has thrill to skin.Relative molecular mass: 375.13.

1, Mainly used for making catalyst of organic synthesis, mordant in textile industry, oxidant, also used as salting-out agent in impregnant extraction when recycle nuclear fuel and for making other aluminum salt. 

2, Used for catalyst preparation, mordant, leather tanning agent, corrosion inhibitor, aluminium salt and other used as salting-out agent in the industry.

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