Indium selenide

Indium selenide

Product name: Indium selenide; indium selenide powder


Density:5.67 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Classification: In2Se3 Powder
EINECS No.: 235-016-9
Purity: 99.99%, high purity
Appearance: black powder
Shape: Spherical
Type: powder
Color: black
Keywords: indium selenide powder
Size: Micron and Nano

Application:  Used for chemical reagent, organic intermediates, fine chemicals, drug discovery and development


Product Description

1. indium selenide powder because of its high conductivity and transparency, light color has a broad application prospect in many fields, is developing rapidly in recent years a new type of functional materials;

2.Conductivity: evenly distributed interaction of conductive nanometer particles form conductive film, conductive film charge in the mobile and can realize high transmittance and antistatic effect;

3.Transparency: indium selenide In2Se3 Powder price to visible light (380 nm to 780 nm) absorption rate is extremely weak, and consists of scattering particles with difficulty to visible light, so has high transparency;

4.Thermal insulation: nano indium selenide In2Se3 Powder price can reflect or absorb near-infrared (1000 nm to 2500 nm), in order to achieve the purpose of insulation;

5.Durability: chemical stability of nanometer particles of metal oxide powder, to heat, humidity and so on the physical properties change with the external environment is small, so to maintain a permanent.


1. Galinstan may be used as thermal interface for computer hardware cooling solutions, though its cost and aggressivity (it corrodes many other metals such as aluminium by dissolving them) are major obstacles for widespread use. It is also electrically conductive, thus needs to be applied more carefully than insulating regular compounds.
2. Also it has higher reflectivity and lower density than Liquid Hg; it is investigated as a replacement for mercury in liquid mirror telescopes for astronomy.

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