Lithium metal,catalyst grade

Lithium metal,catalyst grade

Product name: Lithium metal,catalyst grade

Appearance : Metallic silver substance
Atomic weight : 6.94
Density : 0.534g/cm3
Melting points : 180.5°C
Boiling Point : 1317°C
Hardness(Mohs) : 0.6
Volume increase on melting : 1.51%

Transportation : 
 Post, parcel   Not acceptable
 Sea   Class 4.3, UN No. 1415
 Road,Rail   Class 4.3, UN No. 1415
 Air        15kgs/unit package max, Cargo aircraft only

Caution : 
Lithium metal easy reaction with oxygen and nitrogen in wet air,easy burns or explodes when contact with water.

Application : 
Mainly used in synthetic rubber and pharmaceutical industries

within 5-7 days after receive your payment

Vacuum wrapped with aluminum foil plastic bag and put in dry steel drums. The ingots, foils, rods, upon customer request.

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