Metal oxides in catalysis is important in the position


Metal oxides in catalysis in the position is very important, as the main catalyst, catalyst and carrier are widely used. The main catalyst, the transition metal oxide catalysts can be divided into main group metal oxides and metal oxide catalysts, the latter mainly for the solid acid catalyst.
Alkali metal oxides, alkaline earth metal oxide and aluminum oxide, silicon oxide and other main group elements, with varying degrees of acidity on the ion type (such as carbonium ions) react with catalytic activity, also can be used as carriers or structure of reminders to help agents. Main-group metal oxide catalysts for the acid-base catalyst. Transition metal oxide catalysts are volatile price of metal ion properties, widely used in oxidation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, polymerization, catalytic synthesis.
Practical oxide catalyst, the catalyst is usually added in the main made ​​of a variety of multi-component additive oxides. Many metal oxide semiconductor, therefore, can be used to explain the concept with the phenomenon of catalysis, conductivity, work function and other metal oxides are used to explain the overall nature of the catalytic activity of ion d electron configuration, the lattice oxygen feature surface pH and other oxides have also been used to explain the local nature of the catalytic activity.