Chromium powder use and suppliers


Purity >99% 
mp: 1900℃ 
bp: 2642℃ 
Copper < 0.001% 
Lead <0.001% 
Iron <0.01% 
Heavy metals <0.002%
CAS: 7440-47-3
Molecular Formula: Cr
Molecular weight: 51.9961 g/mol 

Chromium powder use:
Chromium powder is acclimated for the accomplish of Cr-Al compacts, which are acclimated as melt-additions to admixture aluminum with chromium. It is acclimated for the blanket of agent components. Chromium is an alloying aspect for aluminum melts. The particle-size analyzer of chromium powder is acclimated as raw actual and agitated out by laser diffraction to assure actual packing.

Chromium powder suppliers