The Classification of Chemical Compound


By Chemical Compound of two or more elements of purity content. Must be two or more elements of purity content. Chemical Compound has certain characteristics, often has some of the composition.

Chemical Compound mainly divided into organic compounds and inorganic compounds and polymers and ion compounds and covalent compounds, and so on. 

Organic compounds containing hydrocarbon (or called hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon), such as methane (methane, CH4), is divided into: nucleic acid, carbohydrate, lipid and protein.
Inorganic compounds do not contain hydrocarbons, such as lead sulfate (lead (II) sulphate, PbSO4), is divided into: acid, alkali, salt and oxide

From the son compounds, typically contains metal elements, such as oxidation sodium, Covalent compounds, such as water.

Note: some Chemical Compound, such as acetic acid (CH3COOH) and acetic acid salt, also belong to organic.