Main use of Germanium


Industrial applications

Germanium has many special characteristics and is widely used in semiconductor, aerospace measurement and control, nuclear physics detection, optical fiber communication, infrared optics, solar cells, chemical catalysts, biomedicine, etc. It is an important strategic resource. . In the electronics industry, in the alloy pretreatment, in the optical industry, it can also be used as a catalyst.

High purity Germanium is a semiconductor material. It is obtained by reduction from high-purity oxidized Germanium and then smelting. Germanium single crystals with a small amount of specific impurities can be used to make various transistors, rectifiers and other devices. Germanium compounds are used in the manufacture of fluorescent panels and various high refractive index glasses.

Germanium single crystal can be used as a transistor and is the first generation of transistor materials. Germanium is used in radiation detectors and thermoelectric materials. High-purity Germanium single crystal has a high refractive index, is transparent to infrared light, does not transmit visible light and ultraviolet light, and can be used as a Germanium window, prism or lens that is transparent to infrared light.

Effect on the human body
Activates bioelectricity, promotes blood circulation, and improves and prevents physical discomfort
Protect red blood cells against external rays and protect them from damage
Metabolism, immunity restore and improve the body's natural healing power
Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral
Moreover, Germanium metal can function with a small amount of energy (body temperature), which makes it possible to provide health care through contact with the human body.

Dietary supplement
As early as 1922, American doctors knew how to use inorganic Germanium to treat anemia. Inorganic Germanium is also used in other treatments, but the efficacy is questionable. Its efficacy in cancer has been discussed. The US Food and Drug Administration's study concluded that when Germanium is used as a dietary supplement, "there may be harm to human health.

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