The physical properties of nickel


Nickel mechanical properties close to carbon steel, the alkali resistance performance of corrosion in metal material is second only to silver, nickel wire in concentrated alkaline surface generates a layer of protective film of black. Make it very corrosion resistant. Many used for electric light source materials, coating, high surface quality and processing performance is good, used to make work such as anode, spacers, electrode holder, etc., can also be used in a light bulb as thread lead, in addition in the chlor-alkali industry has played a very important role. Electrode materials for different using conditions, and a variety of composition of the alloy. And electrode material requirements are low resistivity electrodes so as not to cause overheating, high high-temperature strength to reduce wear and tear, under the effect of arc a sticky fusion volatilization in order to improve the service life etc.

1, has the weldability, high electrical conductivity, appropriate linear expansion coefficient

2, good high temperature strength, low resistivity

3, high melting point, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, under the hot cold state has good pressure workability, degassing, suitable for radio, electric light source, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, are important structural materials in the vacuum electronic devices.

Pure nickel wire according to the material can be divided into N4 interchange and N6.