Production Process of Albite Powder


1. broken
Large pieces of Albite powder are transported to the raw material warehouse by special vehicles, and then the forklif or manually delivers the material to the jaw crusher for crushing and crushing to less than the maximum feed size of the mill.

2. feeding
The Albite powder crushed by the crusher is lifted from the hoist to the storage hopper, and the storage hopper is discharged and fed to the main machine evenly by the feeder.

3. grinding
The qualified products in the grinding process are screened by the screening system and then enter the collector through the pipeline. After being collected, the product is discharged through the discharge valve, and the unqualified product falls into the main machine and is re-milled.

4. the finished product
The purified airflow of the finished powder is collected by the dust collector, and the purified air flows into the blower through the residual air above the dust remover, and the air path is circulated, except that the blower is positive pressure to the grinding chamber, and the airflow in the other pipelines is Under negative pressure. It ensures the dust-free pollution of the air in the production workshop.