Use of Iron


1. For pharmaceutical, pesticide, powder metallurgy, hot hydrogen generator, gel propellant, combustion active agent, catalyst, water cleaning adsorbent, sintering active agent, powder metallurgy products, various mechanical parts products, hard alloy Materials and so on.

2. Pure iron is used to make iron cores for generators and motors, reduced iron powder for powder metallurgy, and steel for manufacturing machines and tools. In addition, iron and its compounds are also used in the manufacture of magnets, drugs, inks, pigments, abrasives and the like.

3. Used as a reducing agent. For the preparation of iron salts. Also used to prepare electronic components.

4. Used as a nutritional supplement (iron fortifier).

5. Used as a filler for epoxy adhesive in adhesives to prepare casting repair adhesive. Often used as a reducing agent. It has a wide range of uses in the electronics industry, powder metallurgy, and machinery industries. eg:

FHY80.23 is mainly used for oil-containing bearings.
FHY100.25 is mainly used for medium and low density mechanical parts.
HFY100.27 is mainly used for high-density mechanical parts.


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