What are the commonly used aluminum materials?


Aluminum section

Electrophoretic aluminum
1. Strong corrosion resistance: The surface corrosion resistance is extremely high, which can effectively prevent acid, alkali and salt erosion. It is the best anti-building mortar corrosion.

2. Satisfactory performance life, even in harsh and harsh environments, it can ensure that it will not corrode over 50 years of life. It will not aging. It will not fade. It will not fall off.

3. The hand feels smooth and delicate, the appearance is bright and beautiful. It is magnificent. There are many colors to choose from.

4. The hardness of the paint film is high. It can withstand the hardness of aluminum pen above 3H.

The substrate is used as an anode, placed in an electrolytic solution for electrolysis, and a protective oxide film is artificially formed on the surface of the substrate to form an alumina material.

Main features of alumina:
1. It has strong wear resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
2, can form a variety of colors on the surface of the substrate, to the maximum suit your requirements.
3, strong hardness, suitable for the production of various construction and industrial materials.

Rare earth foam
Metal foam is a new type of engineering material that integrates physical functions and structures. Its excellent physical properties make it widely used in many fields such as noise reduction, shock absorption, separation engineering, catalytic carrier, shielding protection, and energy absorption buffer. Among them, foamed aluminum made of rare earth aluminum alloy is also considered to be a promising material for future cars, ships and other transportation vehicles.