Silver powder

Silver powder

Application:Antibacterial agent silver, electronic paste
Shape:Powder, Spherical
Dimensions:20nm, 30-50nm, 50-80nm, 100nm, 1-2um
Chemical Composition:Ag
CAS No:7440-22-4
ENINEC No:231-131-3
Grade Standard:Industrial, Eletron, Agriculture
Appearance:grey black Powder


Silver powder white

Silver powder appears as different colored powders, depending on their size and morphology. These materials can be dissolved in different solvents, such as water, isopropanol and ethanol, to produce colloidal suspensions. The sizes of pure silver powder can be specified over a wide range, from 20nm to several hundred nanometers, micron, etc.

Tests have shown: back silver paste using silver powder plays a key role on the security electric performance, increasing the adhesion and welding force. In the case of low silver solid content, the results of choosing micro sized flake silver powders to prepare silver paste is that the electrode film have smooth densification, excellent electric perfomance, good adhesion and welding performance.

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