Product Name: Strontium

CAS No.: 7440-24-6
EINECS: 231-201-3
Molecular Formula: Sr
Molecular Weight: 87.62
Purity: 99%
Appearance: silvery white or primrose yellow Soft- metal.
Packaging: 2.5kg/tin, 50kg/drum 
Application: Casting
Form: solid
Colour: gray shining
Smell: odourless
Melting point: 769°C
Boiling point: 1384°C
Density: 2.54
Solubility in water: Reacts violently with water.
Maritime transport IMDG/GGVSea
UN-Number: 3208
IMDG/GGVSea class: 4.3

Handling and storage:
Information for safe usage: Handle under dry Argon, Keep container tightly sealed, Ensure adequate ventilation.
fire and explosion protection: Keep away from ignition - No smoking.
storage facilities: Do not store together with strong oxidizing agents, water and acids.
Further conditions: Keep container dry and well sealed. Store under dry Argon.

The major use for strontium
1. in producing glass for color television picture tubes
2. in producing ferrite magnets and in refining zinc. 
3. used as a gemstone
4. Magnesium alloy with strontium with anti-hot creep property.
5. As aluminum alloy modifier.  improve mechanical property of silicon-aluminum alloy. 
6. Strontium-aluminum alloy is high-effective and eco-friendly additive for automobile hub.  


Strontium is found chiefly as celestite and strontianite. The metal can be prepared by electrolysis of the fused chloride mixed with potassium chloride, or is made by reducing strontium oxide with aluminum in a vacuum at a temperature at which strontium distills off. Three allotropic forms of the metal exist, with transition points at 235'C and 540'C.

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