Strontium sulfate

Strontium sulfate

Product Name: Strontium sulfate

CAS number : 7759-02-6
Formula: O4SSr
Melting point:1600°C

Classification: Sulphate
Type: Strontium Sulphate
EINECS No.: 231-850-2
Purity: 99.0%
Appearance: white powder
Molecular Formula: SrSO4, So4Sr

Relative molecular mass: 183.689

Physicochenical Properties:  White powder, density 3.71 - 3.97, melting point 1,605 ℃, slightly solve in concentrated acid, difficultly dissolve in water, does not dissolve in alcohol and diluent sulfate.

Applications and Usages: Mainly use in manufacturing fireworks, ceramics, glass and paper making

Used for refining strontium and strontium compounds, widely used in defense, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, also used in ceramic, dyestuff, pharmaceutical industry, etc

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