Specifications of Beryllium chloride

Beryllium chloride
CAS Number: 7787-47-5
Molecular Weight: 79.92
Molecular Formula: BeCl2
Purity: 99%
Physical Appearance: White to yellow powder
Beryllium chloride is an asleep admixture with the blueprint BeCl2. It is a colourless, hygroscopic solid that dissolves able-bodied in abounding arctic solvents. Its backdrop are agnate to those of aluminium trichloride.
Beryllium chloride is able by acknowledgment of the metal with chlorine at top temperatures:
Be + Cl2 → BeCl2
BeCl2 can aswell be able by carbothermal abridgement of beryllium oxide in the attendance of chlorine. BeCl2 can be able by alleviative Be metal with hydrogen chloride.
The solid is a 1-dimensional polymer consisting of edge-shared tetrahedra. In contrast, BeF2 is a 3-dimensional polymer, with a anatomy affiliated to that of quartz. In the gas phase, it exists both as a beeline monomer and a bridged dimer with two bridging chlorine atoms area the beryllium atom is 3-coordinate. The beeline appearance of the monomeric anatomy is as predicted by VSEPR theory. The beeline appearance contrasts with the monomeric forms of some of the dihalides of the added associates of accumulation 2, e.g. CaF2, SrF2, BaF2, SrCl2, BaCl2, BaBr2, and BaI2, which are all non-linear.
Beryllium chloride is abiding in dry air. Beryllium chloride is a Lewis acerbic and has been acclimated as a agitator in some amoebic reactions. It forms a tetrahydrate, BeCl2•4H2O ([Be(H2O)4]Cl2). BeCl2 is aswell acrid in oxygenated solvents such as ethers.