Bismuth hydroxide

Bismuth hydroxide

Product Name: Bismuth hydroxide
CAS: 10361-43-0
Molecular Formula: Bi(OH)3
Molecular weight: 260 
Appearance: White amorphous powder
EINECS NO.: 233-790-2

Product Description:
White amorphous powder,Its specific gravity is 4.962(15℃),decomposes at 415℃,easily dissolves in acid,not dissolve in water or aqueous alkali,easily shows jelly,loses a molecular of water and becomes yellow bismuth hydroxide[Bi(OH)] at 100℃. Conforms to BP/USP/EP/FCC

Used for manufacturing the bismuth salt. Rutin and quercetin absorbent ribonucleic acid hydrolysis, separated plutonium from the irradiated uranium.

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