Cesium nitrate

Cesium nitrate

Product Name: Cesium nitrate
CAS number: 7789-18-6
Chemical formula: CsNO3
Molecular weight: 194.91 CAS
EINECS accession number: 232-146-8
Melting point: 414 ° C
Water soluble: soluble in water
Density: 3.685g/cm3
Appearance: white solid

Cesium nitrate is an inorganic compound which is a white crystalline powder at normal temperature and pressure and is easily deliquescent. It is mainly used in the manufacture of barium salts. Irritating to eyes, skin and mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract.

Used for the micro analysis of potassium, sodium and the like. The basic principle of atomic absorption spectroscopy is to measure the absorption of resonant radiation by ground-state atoms. In high temperature flames, potassium and sodium are easily ionized, which reduces the ground state atoms involved in atomic absorption. In particular, potassium is more pronounced at low concentrations. Generally, sodium has a higher concentration of potassium than potassium. This is because a large amount of sodium is sensitized to potassium, and cesium which is more ionizable than potassium and sodium is added as an ionization buffer to provide sufficient electrons. The ionization equilibrium moves toward the ground state atom, and potassium and sodium can be continuously measured in the same sample.

Preparation of other phosphonium salts. Detection of radioactive materials in environmental control analysis. Oxidizer.

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