Cesium pounds

Cesium pounds

Product name: Cesium pounds

CAS No.: 7440-46-2

Element symbols: Cs
Properties: silvery white metal, sexual soft and light, has ductility.
Density: 1.8785 grams/centimeters
Melting point: 28.40 + 0.01 ℃
Boiling point: 678.4 ℃

Descriptions :
Manufacturing vacuum parts such as machine, the important material, with chemically used as catalyst.
Properties: silvery white metal, sexual soft and light, has ductility.

Application: The outermost electrons of the helium atom are extremely unstable and are easily stimulated to emit into positively charged helium ions, so they are ideal "fuels" for the ion rocket engine in space travel. The working theory of the helium ion rocket is as follows: after the engine is started, a large amount of helium vapor is generated, and the helium vapor passes through the "processing" of the ionizer to become a positively charged helium ion, and then accelerates to each under the action of the magnetic field. One hundred and fifty kilometers in seconds, it is ejected from the nozzle, and at the same time gives the ion rocket a strong driving force to push the rocket height forward.

Shipping: Shipped in 7 days after payment

Packaging: 1g,5g,10g,20g,50g in vacuum glass bottle or as per customers' requirements.

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