Sm2Co17 permanent magnets

Sm2Co17 permanent magnets

Product Name: Sm2Co17 permanent magnets

Composite:NdFeB Magnet
Application:Industrial Magnet
Coating:Nikel,Zinc,Gold,Epoxy,Silver,Cr etc
Inspection:Double QC checking
Size Tolerance:±0.05mm
Qualified rate:≥98%


Samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnets are second-generation rare earth permanent magnets, which are mainly classified into 1:5 type (SmCo5) and 2:17 type (Sm2Co17). Its main features are high magnetic (high magnetic energy product, high coercivity and high remanence) and good temperature performance (-0.030%/°C). The maximum operating temperature is 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environments.


It is suitable for manufacturing various high-performance permanent magnet motors and applications with complex working environments, such as aerospace, national defense industry, microwave equipment, communications, medical equipment, instrumentation, wind power generation, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, high-end motors and other industries. In addition, the samarium-cobalt magnet has a strong rust resistance, and the surface thereof generally does not require plating treatment.

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