Germanium (IV) fluoride

Germanium (IV) fluoride

Product Name: Germanium tetrafluoride; Germanium(IV) fluoride; tetrafluorogermane

Density:2.126 g/mL at 0 °C(lit.)
EINECS No.: 232-011-3
Type: Intermediates
Purity: 99%
Test Standard: EP 9.0/USP39/BP2015
Content: 99.0% to 101.0%
Water: 0.5% Max.
Test method: HPLC-ESI-MS
Sulfated ash: 0.1% Max.
Heavy metals: 10ppm Max
Total Impurity: 0.5% Max.
Total plate count: ≤1000cfu/g
Yeast and Moulds: ≤100cfu/g

Melting point: -15 ° C
Boiling point: solidified immediately under normal pressure and sublimed at -36.5 °C
Liquid specific gravity (0 ° C): 2.162
Solid specific gravity (-195 ° C): 3.148
Relative density (gas, air = 1): 5.12g/cm3

Properties: colorless gas, does not decompose when it is stable to 1000 °C. Smoking strongly emitted in the air. There is a stench like garlic

Solubility: soluble in water, hydrolyzed to form GeO2 and H2GeF6.

Hazard: Can erode mercury. The completely dry antimony tetrafluoride gas does not attack the glass and can erode the grease. Gas irritating to the eyes, skin, upper respiratory tract mucosa and lungs

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