Lead ingot

Lead ingot

Product name: Lead ingot
Color: Bluish
Shape: Blank Round

The technical standard: (GB/T469-2005)

Main purposes:
Batteries are widely used in the manufacture of lead ingots, various cables and blown fuse, but also a variety of alloys and chemicals for the manufacture of paints, etc.
Main features:
Lead is soluble in nitric acid, fluoride acid, acetic acid and silver nitrate, the melting point of lead is 327.4 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of 1774 degrees Celsius, at 500-550 degrees Celsius, there were significantly volatile. Lead can be absorbed radiation, radioactive substances through with the performance of anti-

Instructions for use:
Lead ingots should avoid acid and alkali corrosion and rain, so as to avoid product contamination should be removed before using the dust and debris in the surface

Shipping: Shipped in 7 days after payment

Packaging: Lead ingot was wrapped by galvanized steel belt , 25 pcs per bundle , about 1200 kgs / bundle .

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