Manganese sulfate

Manganese sulfate

Product Name: Manganese sulfate

CAS: 7785-87-7 

Molecular Formula: MnO4S
Molecular weight: 151.00 
Appearance: pale pink monoclinic system fine crystallization
EINECS No.: 232-089-9
Usage: Animal Pharmaceuticals
Form: Fine Powder
Grade: Food / Feed
Purity: >99%

Product Description:
Manganese sulfate at room temperature as a light pink monoclinic fine crystals. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, heated to above 200 ℃ began to lose water of crystallization, about 280 ℃ when most of the loss of crystal water, 700 ℃ anhydrous salt melt, began to decompose at 850 ℃, release of sulfur trioxide, Sulfur dioxide or oxygen.
Used for trace analysis reagent, mordant and paint desiccating agent.

Typically, manganese ores are purified by their conversion to manganese(II) sulfate. Treatment of aqueous solutions of the sulfate with sodium carbonate leads to precipitation of manganese carbonate, which can be calcined to give the oxides MnOx. In the laboratory, manganese sulfate can be made by treating manganese dioxide with sulfur dioxide.

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