Product name: Alumina
Color: White
Purity: 99.99%

Description: Alumina (Al2O3), industrial Al2O3 is made from bauxite (Al2O3▪3H2O) and diaspore. High-purity Al2O3 is usually produced by chemical methods. Al2O3 has many isomorphous crystals. As far as we know, there are more than 10 kinds of crystals, three major forms of which are γ-Al2O3, β-Al2O3, and α-Al2O3. They have different structures and properties. They can almost completely convert into α-Al2O3 at a temperature higher than 1300 ° C.

Alumina Flux
Al2O3: 90% Min
SiO2: 6% Max
Fe2O3: 2% Max
size: 10 - 30 mm85 % min

Application: Widely used in coating processing industries.
                      A: LCD ,photoelectric devices field.
                      B: Electronic and semiconductor field.
                      C: Decoration and mould field.

Shipping: 7-10 days after order

Packaging:  Vacuum sealed package inside, then wrapped with bubble and loaded to carton outside.

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