Product name: Chamotte
Shape: Powder

1. High refractoriness.
2. Aluminum content high, the iron content low.
3. High volume density.
4. Thermal expansion coefficients of small.
5. Physicochemical stability.
6. Fully calcined
7. Dust content low
8. The specification standards.

Al2O3(%min) : 45 
Fe2O3(%max) : 1 
B.D(g/cm3) : 2.55-2.58 
K2O+Na2O : 0.5 
CaO+MgO : 0.5max 
Water : 0.5max

a. Product is suitable for Stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast copper complex precision castings and big, medium and small castingsl, etc.
b. Product is suitable for precision casting ,Silicon Sol investment casting, lost wax casting ,Cast steel, cast copper, Vacuum casting, plaster filler v-process, casting coatings, casting mold shell, etc.

Shipping: Within 15 days after the order

Packaging: 25KG plastic woven bag & 1000KG big bag or wooden pallet

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