Product name: Cyanite
Craft: rough stone
Color: blue
Weight: Customers' Requirements

Introduction: Kyanite is a new type of refractory material. It belongs to high-alumina minerals. It has strong resistance against chemical corrosion, high thermal shock mechanical strength and irreversible thermal expansion, etc. Therefore, It is the main material to produce amorphous materials, electric furnace top bricks, phosphate bricks, Moly stone brick and low creep brick. It is also a metamorphic mineral, which  mainly exists in the regional metamorphic crystalline schist, and its metamorphic phase ranges from the green schist facies to the amphibolite facies. It is usually used as a gemstone ring, bracelet, necklace, as well. 

AL 2 O 3: 60%MIN
SiO2: 35/MIN
TiO 2: 6%MAX
SIZE: 10-50MM 90%MIN
MOQ: 30pcs

Use: Art & Collectible

Application: decoration/healing/gift

Shipping:  shipped in 3 days after payment

Packaging: Individual package+ bubble wrap+ carton or wooden case

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