Nickel Ore

Nickel Ore

Product name: Nickel Ore
Shape: Lump
Chemical Composition: Ni 1.6%-2.0%

Ni : 1.70%~1.9%
Fe : 15~25%
P : 0.01% Maximum 
S : 0.09% Maximum
Moisture: 30% Maximum

Description: Nickel is a slightly yellow-white metal and a kind of magnetic of transition metals. The application of nickel is the corrosion resistance, Adding nickel alloy can enhance alloy corrosion resistance. The most widely used application of nickel is the fields of stainless steel and alloy production fields. About two-third of nickel used in stainless steel production, so the stainless steel industries to nickel consumption in the influence of the first l a. Nickel in the main functions of stainless steel is that it changes the steel crystal structure.  

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Packaging: In Bulk

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