Olivine Sand

Olivine Sand

Product name: Olivine Sand
Shape: grits

Introduction: Olivine sand is a kind of artificial sand that is machined and sorted from pure peridotite.

CaO:0.5% max 
Al2O3:0.9% max 
size: 0-3mm 5-6% max 
         3-4mm 20-25% 
         4-5mm 25-30% 
         5-6mm 30-45% 
         6mm 6%

Melting Point (oC) ~ 1600
Bulk density,loose (g/cm3)       1.45-1.75
Thermal Expansion(in./in.)        0.0083
Thermal conductivity  @1000°C(cal/s-cm°C) 0.0025
Mohs hardness:@20 °C7.0(Scale 7-8000)
PH slightly Basic Free Silica Content(%)  0.1max
Specific Gravity: 3.2-3.4 g/cc
Fusion temperature of Olivine sand: 1500-1700 °C

Danger Grade: General Cargo

Shipping: within 7-10 days

Packaging: 25kg single-layer bag then into 1mt bag

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