Application of Gallium


Industrial applications of Gallium
Manufacturing semiconductor gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, germanium semiconductor doping elements; pure gallium and low-melting alloys can be used as heat exchange medium for nuclear reaction; high temperature thermometer packing; organic esterification as a catalyst for diesterification.

The industrial application of gallium is still very primitive, although its unique properties may be applied in many ways. The wide temperature range of liquid gallium and its low vapor pressure make it suitable for high temperature thermometers and high temperature pressure gauges. Gallium compounds, especially gallium arsenide, have attracted more and more attention in the electronics industry. There is no accurate world gallium production data available, but production in the immediate vicinity is only 20 tons per year.

Gallium-68 emits positrons that can be used for positron emission tomography.

Gallium indium alloys can be used as a substitute for mercury.

Medical use of Gallium
After observing the attractiveness of cancerous tissue to 67Ga, the National Cancer Institute of the United States pointed out that stable gallium is very effective for rodent tumors. This has been tested on cancer patients. Gallium is harmful to human kidneys when administered at a dose of 750 mg/kg. The continuous infusion of gallium-prepared drugs can reduce the toxicity of gallium to renal tubules.

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