Application of Sodium Bromide


Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd supply the Sodium bromide and for sale, now let me introduce the application of sodium bromide:

1. Photographic industry is used to prepare film photographic liquid.

2. It is used in medicine to produce diuretics and sedatives for the treatment of neurasthenia, neurological insomnia, and mental excitement. The sedatives dissociate the bromide ions in the body and have a mild inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, allowing the disturbed chickens to calm down. Oral administration is easy to absorb, but excretion is slow. It is used to relieve stress caused by factors such as transfer, sputum, drug injection, immunization, capture, blood collection or drug poisoning. 

3. For the production of synthetic perfumes in the perfume industry, taking the alcoholic spice β-phenylethanol as an example, the synthesis process is as follows:

Main reaction: sodium bromide

side effects:sodium bromide

4. Used as a brominating agent in the printing and dyeing industry.
5. It is also used for the determination of cadmium in a small amount, the preparation of detergent for automatic dishwasher, the manufacture of bromide, organic synthesis, photographic paper and so on.

Synthesis of organic synthesis such as n-bromobutane:

Main reaction:sodium bromide

side effects:sodium bromide