Different between Indium selenide and Indium(III) selenide


Indium selenide (In2Se3) exists in 4 crystal structures (α,β,δ,γ).The metallic α-phase of indium selenide converts to intrinsic conduction β-phase under change in temperature. In2Se3 can be prepared by stoichiometric combination of the elements at 1000 to 1100oC temperatures. Influence of phase transformations on its optical and electrical properties has been reported.

Indium(III) selenide is a compound of indium and selenium. It has potential for use in photovoltaic devices and it has been the subject of extensive research. The two most common phases, α and β, have a layered structure, while γ is a "defect wurtzite structure." In all, there are five known forms (α, β, γ, δ, κ). The α- β phase transition is accompanied by a change in electrical conductivity.The band-gap of γ-In2Se3 is approximately 1.9 eV. The crystalline form of a sample can depend on the method of production, for example thin films of pure γ-In2Se3 have been produced from trimethylindium, InMe3, and hydrogen selenide, H2Se, using MOCVD techniques.[