How to improve the quality of Niobium oxide


In industries such as electronic materials, the requirements for quality standards are getting higher and higher, especially the physical properties of Niobium oxide are increasing, which is the characteristics of the industry. Therefore, according to the customer's standards, it is imperative to carry out personalized production. To improve the quality of Niobium oxide to meet the customer's physical requirements, please refer to the following points.

(1) To control the particle size and particle size distribution of Niobium oxide, the key is to control precipitation. Characteristics such as particle size and particle size distribution are related to the concentration of Niobium oxide solution, the neutralization temperature, the manner of precipitation, the speed of precipitation, and the form of equipment. The automation and continuous performance of the equipment should be improved or improved to improve labor efficiency and product qualification rate.

(2) Select high-level water washing filtration technology and equipment to improve yield and reduce water consumption.

(3) The best method for drying fine particle hydrogen Niobium oxide is spray drying.

(4) The particles of the high-temperature calcined Niobium oxide tend to grow, while the particles of the low-temperature calcination are finer.

(5) Airflow pulverization can obtain ideal fine particles.

(6) Development of new varieties, improvement of technical content of products, doping co-precipitation is the development trend of Niobium oxide production industry

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