Main characteristics of Sm2Co17


Due to the high Curie temperature, superior magnetic properties and good environmental stability, Sm2Co17 based permanent magnet materials have been widely used in novel aircraft, drones, radar systems, military satellites, and space exploration applications.

Western developed countries list Sm2Co17 based permanent magnet materials as one of the most important materials which should be researched. 

Main characteristics as the following:

(1)it has high magnetic energy product,  coercive force and residual induction,  extremely low temperature coefficient  and very high  working temperature.

(2)The Sm-Co magnets have much better temperature and chemical stability than other magnets.

The magnets without surface coating can be used for a long time under extremely adverse environment conditions,such as high temperature,high humidity,strong demagnetization and nuclear radiation,etc.

The development of samarium cobalt permanent magnetic materials has been nearly 40 years, and Sm2Co17 based permanent magnets have been developed as high maximum-energy-product, low remanence- temperature-coefficient and high-temperature materials for three series.