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Physical properties
1. Properties: colorless cubic crystal or white granular powder. Odorless, salty and bitter.
2. Density (g/mL, 25oC): 3.203;
3. Melting point (oC): 755;
4. Boiling point (oC, atmospheric pressure): 1390;
5. Refractive index: 1.6412;
6. Flash point (oC): 1390.
7. Solubility: Soluble in water (solubility is 90.5g/100ml water at 20oC, solubility is 121g/100ml water at 100oC), the aqueous solution is neutral and conductive. Slightly soluble in alcohol, soluble in acetonitrile, acetic acid.
8. Vapor pressure (806oC): 1mmHg.

Chemical properties
An anhydrous sodium bromide crystal is precipitated in the sodium bromide solution at 1.51 ° C, and a dihydrate is formed below 51 ° C.
NaBr+2H2O=NaBr·2H2O (T<51oC)
2. Sodium bromide can be replaced by chlorine gas to remove bromine.
3. Sodium bromide reacts with concentrated sulfuric acid to form bromine. Under the action of strong oxidizing acid, sodium bromide can be oxidized to release bromine.
2NaBr+3H2SO4 (concentrated) = 2NaHSO4+Br2+SO2↑+2H2O
4. Sodium bromide can react with dilute sulfuric acid to form hydrogen bromide.
5. In aqueous solution, sodium bromide can react with silver ions to form a pale yellow solid silver bromide.
6. Electrolytic molten sodium bromide forms bromine gas and sodium metal.
2NaBr=energized 2Na+Br2↑
7. The sodium bromide aqueous solution can be electrolyzed to produce sodium bromate and hydrogen.
NaBr + 3H2O=electrolytic NaBrO3 + 3H2↑
8. An organic reaction can occur, such as the main reaction for the preparation of ethyl bromide:

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