Rubidium fluoride for sell with low pirce



Rubidium fluoride (RbF) is the fluoride salt of rubidium. It is a cubic crystal with rock-salt structure. Synonym is RbF; RUBIDIUM FLUORIDE; rubidiummonofluoride; rubidiumfluoride(rbf); Rubidium Fluoride 99+%; Rubidium fluoride(85Rb); Rubidium fluoride (RbF); RUBIDIUM FLUORIDE, 99.8%; rubidiumfluorideanhydrous; RUBIDIUMFLUORIDE, ULTRAPURE

There are several methods for synthesising rubidium fluoride. One involves reacting rubidium hydroxide with hydrofluoric acid:RbOH + HF → RbF + H2O

Another method is to neutralize rubidium carbonate with hydrofluoric acid:Rb2CO3 + 2HF → 2RbF + H2O + CO2

Another possible method is to react rubidium hydroxide with ammonium fluoride:RbOH + NH4F → RbF + H2O + NH3

The least used method due to expense of rubidium metal is to react it directly with fluorine gas, as rubidium reacts violently with halogens:2Rb + F2 → 2RbF

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