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Copper chloride is a chloride of copper (II) having a chemical formula of CuCl2, a brownish yellow solid, and a blue-green dihydrate after absorbing water. Its industry is mainly used for mordants, oxidants, wood preservatives, food additives, disinfectants, etc. It is also used for deodorization and desulfurization of petroleum fractions, metal refining, photography, etc.
English name Cupric chloride,anhydrous

Chemical formula CuCl2
Molecular weight 134.452
CAS registration number 7447-39-4
EINECS accession number 231-210-2
Melting point 620 ° C
Boiling point decomposition
Water solubility 75.7g / 100mL (25 ° C)
Density 3.386 g/cm3
Appearance brownish yellow solid
Application of mordants, oxidants, wood preservatives, disinfectants, etc.
Hazard symbol N, T
Hazard description Environmentally hazardous substances, toxic substances
Dangerous goods transport number UN 2802 8/PG 3

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