Use of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate


Ferric nitrate nonahydrate is a chemical reagent containing iron and its molecular formula is H18FeN3O18.

Name: Iron(III) nitrate nonahydrate
Alias: Ferric nitrate nonahydrate; Ironnitratenonahydratecolorlesspalevioletxtl; Ferric nitrate; Iron (III) nitrate; iron(3+) trinitrate nonahydrate
CAS No.: 7782-61-8
Melting point: 47.2 ° C

Let me intorduce the use of Ferric nitrate nonahydrate for you:
1. Used as catalyst, mordant, metal surface treatment agent, oxidant, analytical reagent, radioactive material adsorbent.

2. Used as an analytical reagent, photometric method for the determination of phenothiazine drug developers. Also used as a catalyst, mordant.

3. Can be used for etching and chemical polishing of stainless steel, and also for etching of steel

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