What is Gallium trichloride


Gallium trichloride  is an important raw material for the synthesis of organogallium reagents, used in spectroscopic analysis and organic reaction catalysts. 

Product Name: Gallium(III) chloride; Gallium trichloride
CAS number: 13450-90-3
Molecular formula: GaCl3
Molecular weight: 176.07
Boiling point: 201.03 ° C
Melting point: 77.9 ° C
Character: colorless needle crystal
Content: 99.99% anhydrous super dry [customizable 99.999%]

Use of Gallium trichloride
Gallium trichloride and dibutylphosphonic acid are mixed at 100 to 250 ° C for use as a catalyst for epoxide polymerization.

Preparation or source of Gallium trichloride
The metal gallium is reacted with dry hydrogen chloride gas at 200 ° C, at which time the sublimate of gallium trichloride can be collected.

Other of Gallium trichloride
There is also the presence of gallium dichloride, but it is hygroscopic, unstable, and decomposes in water.