What is Gallium


Gallium is a gray-blue or silver-white metal. The melting point is very low and the boiling point is very high. Pure liquid gallium has a significant tendency to be too cold and is very stable in the air. Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd supply the Gallium for sell, and now let me introduce the information about Gallium for you:

Chinese name: 镓
name: Gallium
Element symbol: Ga
Atomic weight: 69.723
Discovery time: 1875
CAS No.: 7440-55-3
Atomic number: 31
Electronic layout per layer: 2,8,18,3
Density:5.91g / cm3 at 20 ° C
Density: 5.904 g/mL at 25 °C
Melting point: 29.8°C
Boiling point: 2204°C
EINECS No.: 231-163-8
Dangerous goods transport number: UN 3264 8/PG 3

Gallium is light blue metal, which becomes a silvery white liquid at 29.76 °C. Liquid gallium is easily cooled and cooled to 0 ° C without curing. Slightly soluble in mercury to form gallium amalgam. Gallium can infiltrate glass, so it should not be stored in a glass container.