What is Germanium oxide


Germanium oxide, molecular formula GeO2, Other name: Germanium dioxide, electronically the same as carbon dioxide. It is a white powder or a colorless crystal, and has a slightly water-soluble hexagonal system (low temperature stability) and an insoluble tetragonal system, and the transition temperature is 1033 ° C. Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd supply the Germanium dioxide for sell, and now let me introduce the information of Germanium oxide for you:

Physical data
1. Properties: white powder or colorless crystal, there are two kinds of hexagonal crystals (low temperature stable) and insoluble tetragonal crystals which are slightly soluble in water, and the transition temperature is 1033 °C.
2. Density (g/cm3, 20 °C): 6.239
3. Relative steam density (g/mL, air = 1): 4.228
4. Melting point (oC): 1115±4
5. Refractive index (n20/D): 1.99
6. Solubility: Insoluble in water, Germanium dioxide is soluble in alkali to form citrate.

Toxicological data
Dry Germanium dioxide has no irritating effect on the skin, but has a stimulating effect on the conjunctiva.

Ecological data
For water that is slightly hazardous, do not allow undiluted or large quantities of product to come into contact with ground water, waterways or sewage systems. Do not discharge materials into the surrounding environment without government permission.