Chromium nitride

Chromium nitride

Product name: Chromium nitride


CAS: 12053-27-9
Molecular Formula: CrN
Molecular weight:66.0028
Melting point:1282oC
Shape: black powder
Material: Chromium nitride
Dimensions: Customer's Demands
Chemical Composition: CrN
Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade
EINECS No.: 246-016-3
powder Color: Black
powder Size: Nano
Usage: Replace the expensive metal Nickel
Purity: Cr 86.6%

Product performance
Nano chromium nitride,ultra-fine chromium nitride powder by variable current laser ion beam vapor deposition, powder particle size small, uniform, high surface activity, as theNaCl type structure, the density of 6.1g/cm3, arestable to water, acid, alkali. Steel alloyadditiveexcellent nanochromium nitride is; at the same time because of having good physical and mechanical properties, abrasion resistance is better thantitanium nitride, is the only anti ferromagnetic material in the nitride, has abroad application prospect.

1. Excellent steel and gold additive
2. Good physical and mechanical properties
3. Better wear and have an anti-ferromagnetic material

1. Refining of stainless steel , corrosion resistance steel , alloy steel and such special steel  
2. Replace the expensive metal Nickel so as to reduce the cost
3. Metallurgy
4. Chemical industry

Use :Chromium nitride is used as a coating material for corrosion resistance and in metal forming and plastic moulding applications.Chromium nitride is often used on medical implants and tools. Chromium nitride is also a valuable component in advanced multicomponent coating systems, such as CrAlN, for hard, wear-resistant applications on cutting tools.

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