Niobium pentoxide

Niobium pentoxide

Product Name: Niobium pentoxide, Niobium Oxide

Molecular Formula: Nb2O5
Molecular weight:265.8098
Classification: Niobium Oxide
EINECS No.: 215-213-6
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Appearance: White Powder, Powder
Application: An alternative to lithium metal in advanced fuel cells
Water solubility: insoluble
Melting point: 1520℃
Hazard Symbols: Xi:Irritant;
Physical State: Solid
Storage: Store at room temperature
Density: 4.47 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Product description :It has many polymorphic forms all based largely on octahedrally coordinated niobium atoms.The polymorphs are identified with a variety of prefixes.The form most commonly encountered is monoclinic H-Nb2O5 which has a complex structure, with a unit cell containing 28 niobium atoms and 70 oxygen, where 27 of the niobium atoms are octahedrally coordinated and one tetrahedrally.

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