Silver nitrate

Silver nitrate

Product name: Silver nitrate

CAS: 7761-88-8 

Molecular Formula: AgNO3
Molecular weight: 169.87 
Appearance: white powder

Description: Silver nitrate is a colorless crystalline solid. It dissolves in water. Most silver compounds do not dissolve in water. It can get dark if light shines on it. It is an oxidizing agent. Most of the times the silver ion is reduced, but sometimes the nitrate ion is reduced. It reacts with copper to make silver crystals and copper nitrate. It turns into silver, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen when it is heated. It is the least expensive silver compound. It reacts with bases to make dark brown silver oxide.

Application: Used in the manufacture of film, X-ray film and photographic film and photographic emulsion sensitive material. Electronic industry used in the manufacture of conductive adhesive, gas purifying agent, silver plated and electronic components. Used in the manufacture of the mirror and the thermal insulation material of inside of silver, silver plated overborne and charged with gloves, silver is also used to other arts and crafts.

Shipping: In 3-5 days

Packaging: 100g/bottle or 1000g/bottle

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