Silver proteinate

Silver proteinate

Product name: Silver proteinate

CAS: 9015-51-4 

Appearance: brownish black powder
Property: Commodities can be divided into strong and weak protein silver according to the amount of silver. Strong protein silver contains 8% silver, varying from light yellow orange to brownish black odorless scales and granules.
Density (g/mL, 25/4 ° C): 1.135
Relative steam density (g/mL, air = 1): 5.8
Melting point (oC): 960
Boiling point (oC, atmospheric pressure): 2212
Boiling point (oC, 5.2kPa): no available
Refractive index: 1.333
Flash point (oC): no available

Product Description :Contains over 19% to 19%, can slowly dissolve one, but the dissociation degree is low, so the bacteriostatic action. Without excitant, 105-20% solution for conjunctivitis, blepharitis, prevent neonatal pyorrhea eye, chronic rhinitis. 5% - 10% solution used for disinfection of urethral opening of department of gynaecology. This product must be fresh preparation, long failure and produce irritating.

Use: It is used in histological microscopes to used for contrast media for acute conjunctivitis, orbital inflammation, and infections against infection or other mucous membranes after eye surgery.

Storage: Sealed and dried in the dark.

Shipping: within 7 days after payment

Packaging: 1tin/tin 5kg/tin 25kg/drum or according to customers requirements.

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