Sodium Hydrosulfide

Sodium Hydrosulfide

Product name: Sodium Hydrosulfide

CAS No: 16721-80-5 

NaSH: 70%MIN
NaS: 1.5%MAX
Na2CO3: 4.5%MAX
Molecular formula: NaHS 
Molecular weight: 56.06

Property: Colorless needle-like crystal,easy to be deliquesced,it will decomposed and release hydrogen disulfide at its melting point ,soluble in water and alcohols, its water solution is strongly alkaline, it will generate hydrogen disulfide when reacting with acids. The industrial good is solution, orange or yellow, bitter taste.  

Storage: Keep only in closed, properly labeled containers. Do nor store in zinc, aluminum, or copper containers. Store in cool, dry, ventilated area to prevent it from being deliquescent. Separated from acids, acidic materials, oxidizing agents.

mainly used by mill run, pesticide, dye ,leather production and organic compound. compared with other company, high purity,less impurity, not easy to be intenerated, especially less iron, sodium sulfide, sodium carbonate,Insolubles impurity in water. dip-dying in the leather production, it can disperse the fibre equably.less iron insure the appearance and good quality of leather. 

Used in the synthesis of organic intermediates and in the preparation of auxiliary agent of sulfur dyes; in the waste water treatment;it is the raw material to produce ammonium sulphate and ethanethiol(semi-finished products); used in the copper ore beneficiation, also in the sulfurous acid dyeing of manmade fibres. 

Danger Grade: Semi-dangerous

Shipping: prompt

Packaging: Woven bag lined with plastic bag(net weight is 25 kg or 900kg bag , or 1oookg bag with pallet.or without pallet); or iron drum or plastic drum(net weight is 200kg) 

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