Gold ingot

Gold ingot

Product name: Gold ingot
Shape: as your request

Application: currency, adornment, medical, electronics, aerospace industry, gold-plated, alloy material, etc.

The technical standard :  (GB/T4134-2003)
The main purpose is mainly used as a currency storage, jewelry, and other decorations, in the electronic aviation industry, the gold can be used as surface coatings and solder, precision instruments, documents or other coating, contacts and other electronic devices. Traits have a strong metallic luster, no oxidation and corrosion. Proportion of 19.3. Product specifications about 200g / tablet

Description: Mainly used as currency storage, jewelry, and other decorations. In the electronic aviation industry, gold can be used as a surface coating and solder, parts of precision instruments or coatings, and joints of electronic equipment. It has strong metallic luster, no oxidation and corrosion resistance. The proportion is 19.3.

Shipping: from 15 to 30 days

Packaging: acrylic carton +upscale red brocade box

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