Plain Galvanized Wire

Plain Galvanized Wire

Product name: Plain Galvanized Wire
Color: galvanized
Function: Binding Wire

Main Features
1) Good toughness and flexibility
2) Corrosion resistance

1) soft electrogalvanized low carbon steel wire, tensile strength 30-50 kg/mm2 in coils of 25 kg for 0.8 mm and 300 kg for 2.2 mm , 2.5 mm and 2.8 mm
zink coating: 5-20 g/m2 for 0.8 mm and min 20-30 g/m2 for 2.2-2.8 mm
0.8 mm -zink coating: 5-20 g/m2 , 
2.2 mm - zink coating 15 g/m2 ,
2.5 mm -zink coating 15 g/m2 ,
2.8 mm -zink coating 15 g/m2, 
2) hot dipped galvanized wire tensile strength 30-50 kg/mm2 zink coating: 30 g/m2 
0.8 mm

Application: Construction Binding Wire (Fruit baskets
/ANIMAL CAGES/Clothes hangers/Roof Nails, etc )

Shipping: 7-15 days after getting deposit

Packaging: plastic film and woven bages or hessian bags

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