Steel Shot

Steel Shot

Product name: Steel Shot
Shape: ROUND
Material: Alloy Steel
Durability: 2200 to 2500 times

S780 ETC
Size : S110(0.3mm) S230(0.6mm)  S390(1.2mm)  S780(2.5mm)

Application: S110 S230: Shot peening stainless steel plate, thin steel plate and non-ferrous metals before painting process to increase elasticity and toughness.
                      S390: Knock-out, descaling, peening and shaping of small-to-medium cast iron, ductile iron, cast parts, heat treatment piece, steel plate, sections, steel pipe, structural parts, chain and non-ferrous metals.
                      S780: Knock-out or descaling large cast iron, cast steel, iron pipe, forged piece and heat treatment piece.

Shipping: within 10 days after order confirmed

Packaging: a. 25kg per bag ,40 bags in one pallet
                     b. 25kg per bag ,40 bags in one jumbo bag
                     c. 25kg per paper bag ,40 bags in one plywood pallet 
                     d. One ton a bulk bags

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