Wire Netting

Wire Netting

Product name: Wire Netting
Weave Style: Twist
Material: Stainless Steel Wire, Low carbon iron 
Technique: Woven, Twist

Introduction: Netting wire, mainly used for slow the movement of infantry and vehicles, including two patterns: fixed and mobile. The fixed netting wire is constructed by barbed wood piles and iron wire; the mobile wire mesh is temporarily set on the battlefield produced by the factory  for temporary installation. The diameter is 70-90 cm, the length is about 10 meters. And it has fast setting speed and high strength against damage, which make it can slow down the action of vehicles such as cars and armored vehicles.

Hexagonal wire netting (rabitz) galvanized,
soft, zinc coating 20 G/m2  

Application: Farm Fence

Shipping: 7-30days after order

Packaging: Normally each roll packed in water proof paper, then in termo foil (Shrinked Plastic). 

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