Tin (IV) oxide

Tin(IV) oxide

Product Name: Tin(IV) oxide
CAS: 18282-10-5 
Molecular Formula: SnO2
Molecular weight:150.71 
Appearance: white powder

Tin(IV) oxide is white, pale yellow or pale gray square, six-party or orthorhombic system powder.Melting point 1630 ℃, boiling point of 1800℃.At the same time is a kind of excellent transparent conductive material.It was the first commercially available transparent conductive material, in order to improve the conductivity and stability.

Tin(IV) oxide is a good emulsifier for enamels. It not only has good opacifying properties, but also gives a fine porcelain surface and a good sheen. Since tin dioxide is easily formed during the melting process of enamel, it is used in grinding in production.

1. Used for enamel and magnetic materials, and used in the manufacture of milky white glass, tin salt, porcelain colorants, fabric mordant and weight gain agent, steel and glass polishing agent, etc

2. Tin(IV) oxide(SnO2) electrodes are widely used in high-grade optical glass melting and electrolytic aluminum industry, tin oxide electrode is especially suitable for flint glass, barium flint, barium mian, as well as heavy crown glass melting, and does not produce pollution to glass.The results have been through the expert appraisal department organization in henan province, the overall performance indicators in the domestic leading level, tin oxide electrode main indicators have reached the international advanced level

3. Tin(IV) oxide is a kind of important semiconductor sensor material, the preparation of high sensitivity of gas sensors with it, is widely used in various kinds of flammable gas, environmental pollution, industrial waste gas and the harmful gas detection and prediction.SnO2 as moisture sensor, the preparation of substrate material in improving indoor environment, precise instrument room and library, art galleries, museums, etc are applied.Through in SnO2 doping amount of CoO, Co2O3, Cr2O3, Nb2O5, Ta2O5, etc., can be made into different resistance of varistor, in power system, electronic circuit, household appliances, etc have a wide range of USES.

4. Tin(IV) oxide due to visible light has good permeability, it has excellent chemical stability in aqueous solution, and has specific conductivity and reflect the characteristics of infrared radiation, so in the lithium battery, solar battery, LCD display, optoelectronic devices, transparent conductive electrode, has been widely used in such fields as protection against infrared detection. And Tin(IV) oxide nano materials because of its small size effect, quantum size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect, in the light, heat, electricity, the physical properties such as sound, magnetic and other macroscopic properties than traditional Tin(IV) oxide will significantly change, so you can by using nanometer materials to improve the performance of the sensor material.


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